Our team uses a multifaceted approach to drive traffic to your page through a variety of strategically crafted marketing strategies. To give you an idea of our process, we’ve outlined our four-step approach.

1. Defining Your Niche

If you already have an established niche great! We will work with you to continue to expand your niche and keep you informed with trending content within your niche to help you continue to grow.

If you have yet to establish a niche,  we can help you find your niche. A niche will put you in a particular content creator category which will help generate quality leads  and improve the odds of turning those leads into Fans.

2. Content Creation and Social Media

If you have existing content we will use it to edit and create a compilation of short clips that will be used as part of our advertising efforts to showcase you as a creator on various platforms.

We will set up all new social media accounts to target various countries. We will build you a website with your own domain which we will pay to have hosted for the first year. Its important to have your own domain and website because if you only have your content on third party platforms you technically don’t own it, nor do have control with what happens to it. You always need a back up.

3. Generating Leads

As a creator you are a salesperson. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling memberships or promoting affiliate links, you are in sales. 

When you ask most salespeople what they struggle with the most, nine out of ten times they will say they don’t have enough leads. We use a variety of lead-generation methods that involve advertising your content across various platforms to make sure you don’t run out of quality leads visiting your page. The platforms and methods used for lead generation vary from each client  based on their niche and level of comfort. We recognize some creators don’t want to be featured on certain platforms and we always give the creator final say in how their content is distributed.

Step 4: Create Various Revenue Streams

Maximizing the potential of your page and building a successful business is within reach. Our team can guide you through the process of leveraging affiliate marketing and creating a seamless e-commerce experience for your customers. We specialize in managing your e-commerce store operations, from payments to shipping logistics.